Missionary/Teaching Faculty, In Asia & Africa

Dr. Suraja Raman

Suraja had served as a missionary with Asia Evangelistic Fellowship in Asia (Malaysia, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka), since 1976. She was commissioned by her home church, Fairfield Methodist, Singapore. Since 1997, she had taught in Kenya, East Africa, at Africa International University (AIU).

An alumnus of Asbury Theological Seminary and Trinity International University, Suraja earned the Master of Religious Education in 1982 and a PhD in Educational Studies in 1993 respectively. Some of the published materials include Christian Education and Evangelism, Reaching Children of Asia in Tell Asia Today; and Conversion and Ethnicity in Tribalism and Ethnicity, articles on Issues concerning Evangelism published in church magazines, and on the website, Evangelization of Children for Lausanne Forum 2004. In June 2006, another article, ‘Contextualizing a Parable, was published with Lausanneworldpulse.com.  A book on missions, The Heartbeat of a Missionary Church, was published by Armour Publishing, Singapore in 2008. In 2013, a guidebook, Towards Spiritual Development, was published by Graceworks Publishing, Singapore. The book, on Evangelism, for leaders, Living And Witnessing, was published in 2017. Research papers that were presented at conferences were published by Asian Missions Association (AMA), and by Asian Society of Missiology (ASM).

Suraja attended the International Leadership training session of Haggai Institute (HI) in 1997 and has been teaching with HI since 1999.  The subjects that she taught at HI were: Biblical Mandate for Evangelizing, Biblical & Contemporary methods of Evangelizing, and Communicating the gospel in a pluralistic context. Currently, she is back home in Singapore, and continues to serve as an adjunct faculty with Africa International University, (Kenya), Alpha Omega International College (West Malaysia), Discipleship Training Centre (Singapore), and is working on research projects for publication.