Hospital Director, Loving Care Clinic

Dr. James S. Hwang

James Hwang, M.D., Ph.D is an internationally renowned oncologist specializing in immune enhancing natural remedies. Dr. Hwang researched and studied holistic medicine for many years at both The Fridenbalier Hospital and The Wesselbron Hospital in Germany. In response to his observation that that many modern ailments stem from poor diets, he proposed the raw food diet as a revolutionary means to promote health.

Dr. Hwang learned early in his medical career that food has a precious value for human health. As important, he realized that it is most essential to preserve the valuables in food that are easily destroyed by processing and handling. He understands that food in its natural state brings health, and that true health is the root of our happiness: the most valuable asset we have. He also noticed in his practice that this responsibility for caring for one’s health often becomes one of the last things that we tend to think about while working our way through life.

Properly caring for our own health is our top priority. Imagine the frustration of a Doctor trying to assist people who just start to worry about their health after they are sick. The prescription for him to this situation was inventing JUVO, a raw food nutrient blend that would help people to gain better health through real and healthful foods: through their diet. “What we need to do is care for our health while we are still healthy.” Dr. Hwang had learned that we need to support this inclusion of raw plant­based foods into the diet of everyone. He learned this through primary research, extensive lecturing and through clinical practice.

Dr Hwang has written several books on cancer treatment, raw food and health, stress management, true vision and leadership. He also founded Loving Concern America, a medical missionary organization providing medical care for 13 third­world countries. Dr. Hwang is a pastor, teacher, writer and true visionary influencing and encouraging many to live bigger than their own lives.