Chairman, Assemblies of God in Pakistan

Dr. A R Hashmat

One can only experience the conviction and power of Holy Spirit, once they receive Baptism of Holy Spirit. God’s desire for his people is to convict through Holy Spirit, in order to lead in mission, when we receive the Holy Spirit we become
The witness and the witness gives testimony.

In 63 years of my life I have witnessed the power of Spirit in Deeper and mighty way. Before I can be a living testimony, I Have seen the intervention of Holy Spirit through dreams,Visions, and manifestation of Holy Spirit and baptism of Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit led me to discover his amazing plans Through different experiences and it all started. In 1992 I saw a dream when I was a student of 10th grade and in summer vacation and I saw that I am trampling snakes and scorpions but at that Moment I didn’t understand but later in my ministry I had So many experiences of trampling the Satan under my feet. In 1981 when I was working as Assistant Lab Technician in IRRIGATION PROJECT in Kirkuk, city in Iraq and I was doing test of soil in the laboratory and suddenly my eyes got opened and I Found myself in England. I really got terrified that how can I be in England at the same time and later it Fulfilled in 1987-88 when God took me to Bible College in England to fulfill that Spiritual experience. In IBTI Bible College England, The process of conviction continued there as well and God spoke to me the moment I was about to end my Bible college. I heard ‘GO TO PESHAWAR AND BUILD a Church’ On faith I came in a village in Peshawar in Response to the voice of Holy Spirit. In that village there were only few Christian families and I started ministry in my own family. One night I was asleep and I saw a dream of A place which was like a ditch and God said that this is the Place where I am going to build a Church. That dream was the fulfilled on 6 September 1997. This walk of faith was Started from my childhood and continued in my youth While believing in the dreams and visions and conviction of Holy Spirit I kept on moving forward and this place become Jerusalem for me to reach the unreached people and build His Church.

Vision, wisdom and hard work led us from no one to Someone with help of God. We are thankful to God from core of our Heart with His Un sufficient GRACE we fulfilled the Call of the Heavenly Father. I started my church in 1989 and joined Assemblies of God Pakistan. The journey of AOG Peshawar has started from Zero and it multiplied in doubles. In all over KPK Province, Pakistan we have Now 24 daughter Churches, 4 house Churches, 7 outreach Churches. We believe and have firm faith in the vision that God have given Us, it will multiply and the mission of the God will be fulfilled. The Spirit will strengthen the Church and Church will grow and the Word of the Lord will be fulfilled that at the name of Jesus every Knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Every nation and tribe will come to the Lord.

Vision: ‘’Therefore go and make
Disciples of all the nations,
Baptizing them in the name
Of the father and of the son
And of the Holy Spirit”.
(Mathew 28:19)

Mission: ”To reach the unreached
And beyond the boundaries,
Working holistically for
Transformation and planting
Churches in all major towns
And cities of  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and stepping
Forward towards the Mission of Christ.

Church Planting Mission 2020:
This is our vision and determination to establish Churches in all major KPK towns and cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan