Founder, Asia Missions Association

Dr. David Cho

Dr. David J. Cho is a leader of the missionary movement of non-Western. He also was an advocator who opened the courses for mission studies at seminaries in Korea. Begin with Korean missionary training, he expended training and R&D for the Non-Western world. He initiated to build an Inter-Asian Network and pursued the East-West Cooperation.

  • Founder, David Cho Missiological Institute Founding President,
  • East-West Center for Missions Research & Development
  • Founding President, Korea International Mission
  • Founding Chairman, Asia Missions Association
  • Founding Chairman, Third World Missions Association.
  • Founding Chairman, EZRA Project
  • President, Russian Christian Leadership Development, Moscow
  • Founding General Secretary, Korea Inter-Varsity Fellowship
  • Founding General Secretary, Korea Evangelical Fellowship (Korean NAE)
  • Pastor, 1950-1978